Town of Lake Bulletin Board

The Town of Lake will be utilizing a new voting machine for the upcoming elections. All ballots will be on paper and scanned in to the machine for counting. All other procedures will be the same as in the past.  We are excited with the new process and expect that there will be smooth transition. Feel free to contact the clerk with any questions.  Thank you!

Please note that the bulletin board used for posting meeting notices that was at Timber Breeze is now located at The Outhouse on the corner of County E and County B. There remains a bulletin board at the Town Hall and at J's Automotive for meeting notices as well as the website.  All meeting minutes are posted at the Town Hall and on the website.

The treasurer will be in the office at the town hall from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in 2020 on January 25, April 25 and July 25. 

Snowplow contracts were mailed on 9/10/19 to all those who were signed up last year.  Please contact the clerk if you need information on this service.

The Census Bureau will be accepting applications for census taker for 2020. Click here to access their brochure.



Changing the Clerk Position from Elected to Appointed
ATV Route Ordinance

Sale of Culverts by the Town of Lake

Equipment for sale.
The Town of Lake has the following item for sale:

   1996 Rhino DB 150 mower, 3 pt attachment. Minimum bid $4,500.

For more information call Tim Schloer at 715-661-1152. All items have maintenance records. Click the links below to view photos.
1996 rhino mower

ducks on the water