Building Permits & Zoning Information

Zoning Information

The Town of Lake is governed by Price County Zoning for all building permits and zoning. All inquiries about zoning and building permits should be directed to Price County Zoning & Land Conservation.
Phone: 715-339-3272
Normal Building
104 S Eyder Ave
Phillips, WI 54555

Price County Zoning Enforced!

Permits Required For:

All structures and additions >80 sq. ft., including mobile homes (Structures <80 sq. ft. must comply with all setbacks)

This is not a complete list. Please check with Price County Zoning to see if permits are required for your project.

Building Permits

Building Permits are issued by Price County Zoning.

Town of Lake Driveway Access Permits

Driveway Access Permits are issued by the Town of Lake. The application must be submitted to the Town of Lake Clerk along with a $50 non-refundable application fee. The Town Crew and Board will review and notify the property owner of any culvert requirements as well as forward the information to the Price County Zoning office for issuance of a fire number.

Driveway Access Permit Application